Staff Engagement: Recognition contributes 20%, costing 1% . Wages 25%, costing 25%!!

ήδιστον άκουσμα έπαινος!

HR Recognition Matters!

Recognition: Staff motivator!


ήδιστον άκουσμα έπαινος!

HR Recognition Matters!


Bravo.One Intro

Intro video for new application of recognition and reward system. 

First Workable Demo Version: End of September 2019

First usable Extra Mile Version: End of October 2019

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Recognition Matters!


Our purpose is to support, thoughtfully and practically, visionary organisations to apply HR Recognition & Reward systems, as a meaningful tool of HR services. 

Because Recognition matters!

Recognition.One Site Content


1.First re-culture Your Organisation

2.Then systemise recognition

3.And systemise rewarding

4.Add an IdeasBravo for Solutions

5.Add Leaderbravo for Best Practices

6.Add Ecobravo for Sustainable Practices

1. Re-Culture Your Organisation

Why Recognition Culture Matters!

If recognition is not there, culture is not there. 

Recognition.One provides HR Recognition Education & Advisory Services 

supporting organisatons to become more rewarding to employees.

For this, we deal with culture, management skills and  practical issues of recognition culture at work. 

We provide top shelf insides and solutions!

What is Recognition


Employee recognition is the acknowledgment for exemplary performance. Essentially, the goal of employee recognition in the workplace is to reinforce particular behaviors, practices, or activities that result in better performance and positive business results.

Why Recognition Academy


HR Recognition &  Rewarding education matters:

[1] Inspire business owners:

how to epitomise recognition issues.

[2] Educate managers and supervisors: 

how to systemise recognition. 

[3] Educate Employees:

how to get the maximum for job satisfaction.


HR Recognition Education & Advisory Services

2. Systemize your Recognition

Why Recognition Matters!

Capitalise on your culture by creating a system of recognition. 

System must be transparent, immediate, specific and personalised. 

We deal with systemisation and practical issues of recognition at work. 

We provide top shelf insides and solutions!


More Coming Soon

Contents of Recognition System

Alignment  with Core Values 

Reward employees for core values applicability.

Alignment with Performance Objectives

HR Recognition &  Rewarding solutions for achieving targets. Possibly the most important element of business. 

Alignment with Service Standards

Catch colleagues delivering consistency, loyalty, above all 

Extra Miles, exceeding expectations.

Alignment with Continuous Improvement 

Ideas for innovation, improvement or problem solving

A rewarding system completes your appreciation culture. 

Celebrate your heroes!

3. Add Extra Mile Module

Why Extra Mile Recognition Matters!

Recognition.One provides an excellent tool to deal with performance above and beyond. 

Service beyond expectations, 

Performance beyond duties

Always delivering Added Value!


More Coming Soon

Extra Mile Recognition System

Catch colleagues delivering 

Extra Miles in service, 

Extra Effort in team spirit, 

Extra Results in performance, 

Extra Mile in planet care.

4. Add Idea's Recognition Module

Why Ideas Recognition Matters!

Continuous Improvement is your only guaranty  for the future

Promote innovation, problem solving and decision making, 

by adding  ideasbravo to your system.


More Details Soon

Ideas Recognition System

Problem Solving Proposals

Continuous Improvement Ideas

Added Value Suggestions

Eco Ideas

Social Responsibility Ideas.


5. Add Performance Recognition Module

Why Performance Recognition Matters!

Achieving  performance objective is a milestone of success!

Recognizing and rewarding those they acieve the organisations goals must routine!


More Details Soon

Performance Recognition System

more details coming 


6. Add Leaderbravo

Why Best Practice's LeaderBravo matters!

Showcase corporate Best Practices and share with other leaders, 

Those participating in LeaderBravo. Don't keep it for yourself, let others know. 

Recognition.One provides the tool and supports organisations to showcase their uniqueness and smartness.

We showcase and reward corporations who lead the economy with their practical examples!


More Coming Soon

LeaderBravo - Recognition System

Showcase and reward: 

Unique Best Practices

Unique Best Habits

Unique Best Policies

Unique Systems

Unique Culture

7. Add ecobravo

Why ecological recognition matters!

Showcase corporate practices that protect or improve 

the sustainability of planet and its inhabitants!  

We support and showcase organisations who act responsibly and mindfully .


More Coming Soon

EcoBravo Recognition System


Reward organisations for sustainable actions and solutions.

Catch colleagues delivering Extra Miles 


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